Welcome to Go Grandma!

There’s nothing much better than being a grandma.  This website is a place to collaborate and share all of our triumphs and challenges in grandmothering.  It’s for all grandmas and as our audience grows, our website will gain added features.  We’d like to promote not only your grandmothering but also the products and services that you’ve find helpful.

So start sharing your tips, advice, and adventures.  You an email them from our contact page.  Here’s what we’ll need to know:

  • Your name – obviously
  • Your tips, advice, and/or adventure on the weekly topic
  • A photo and/or video of you – preferably mid-adventure!
  • Be sure to include names of any products that are part of your tip, advice, adventure
Here’s what I don’t need:
  • The full names and locations of your grandchildren. Keep it general
P.S.:  Once you send me info, I own it – so don’t send me anything you don’t want published 🙂
P.S.S.: Depending on how many submissions I get as the weeks go on, I make not be able to publish all submissions.
One last thing – please SHARE this blog with your grandmother friends. I want to hear from all sorts of grandmas.