Grandlittle #3 – It’s A …

Oh – I just can’t stand to keep a secret any longer.  It’s a …



Sherry and Lauri – you were right!  And so was Audrey over at Minnesota Prairie Roots.  (check out her blog – it’s one of my favorites).

She’s arriving in APRIL.

As soon as my we found out, I was immediately told that I could NOT go shopping.  Too late, I already have a drawer full of of baby girl clothes that I’ve been collecting for quite some time.

Pink Suckers for these cuties – they’re getting a SISTER

The boy streak has ended – it was 7 in a row for this family.  Ten if you count my husband and his two brothers (no sisters).

Needless to say we are over the moon excited.   Truth be known, boy or girl – we would still be excited.  Another little to love.



4th of July – A Go Grandma Kind of Day

Having the 4th of July holiday mid-week makes for a very long holiday weekend.  For those of us that share heritage with our good Canadian neighbors to the north, this holiday is double the fun.  It was the sesquicentennial celebration (150 years) which is apparently kind of a big deal.

Whether you were celebrating in Canada or in the USA, the celebrations were similar.  Every grandma I spoke with about their 4th of July (or Canada Day) plans, we’re making plans that involved family.   Either the grandkids were coming or aunts, uncles, children, grandparents —  the plans seemed to revolve around family.IMG_8964

For this grandma, the grandkids were not in town this year.  They were celebrating a few hundred miles a way.   We’ll try to remedy that next year but in the meantime they were making traditions with their own little family.IMG_9023

Bottom line, holidays are about family.  They’re usual the first people you make plans with as a holiday draws near. There’s something about spending time with the loved ones over a holiday that makes it complete.  Friends can come along for the fun but family – that’s where it’s at.

I started the day out with the Red, White and Boom half marathon run with my son and we were met at the finish line by my husband.  I was a Go Grandma on that course for sure!IMG_9009

Then it was off to the annual 4th of July Parade in Afton, Minnesota.  Truth be known, the only reason we went to the parade was because our boat was on the other side of the parade route!

The rest of the day was spent leisurely along the St. Croix River, either on the water, in the water, or by the river with some hot dogs grilled on the beach.   

We finished it off with fireworks in our backyard.  They’re never that great and it always seem like a fun/dangerous activity — that makes me nervous!  IMG_3049

Whether we were running a race, watching a parade, on the boat, playing at the beach, having a picnic –  we were surrounded by families.  I loved watching a grandma play with grandchildren at the beach while presumably their parents went out on the boat.  I saw grandmas at the parade helping their grandchildren catch candy.  I think grandmas especially love the holidays, especially if they get to “grandma” that day.