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Working Full-Time

There’s really only one job title I want.  That title is “Full-Time Grandma”.  I could spend all day every day with my littles.  Well, at least I think I can.

Trying out all of baby sister’s head bands

I have this one big thing that holds me back from spending more time with my littles.  It’s my job.  My full-time, big girl job.

My office – it’s a bit messy

I actually really like my job.  I enjoy going to work every day; I look forward to it. Sometimes I get to travel for work.  This year I’ve been to New York and Las Vegas, and I have Orlando and Chicago coming up.  That’s not too bad.

It sounds really fancy. It’s not.  It’s just a little, obscure company that you’d only know about if you work in this industry.  But I don’t care.  I don’t need much.


It’s Sunday night and I’m NOT dreading work tomorrow.  That’s a good thing, right?

Many of my girlfriends are full-time at home.  They get to grandma whenever they want.  They get to go to lunch with each other whenever they want.  I used to be full-time at home as well. Not anymore – I’m at work.  I’ve been full-time for almost two years now.  I used to feel like I was missing out on the girlfriend fun.  I’m fine with it now.

Sometimes work gets in the way of seeing the littles though.  I’ll miss one of the littles’ birthdays while I’m in Orlando.  That’s not cool.  At the same time, it’s probably unrealistic to expect that I can be there for every birthday – as much as I’d love that!

I haven’t missed a birthday yet – but it’s bound to happen 😦

I’m glad that if I’m going to be working, I enjoy what I do.  It helps fund all of those grandma trips to visit the littles (and the bigs), which is kind of helpful.  I’m a bit torn though.  If the littles lived closer, maybe I wouldn’t like working full-time.

For now, we’ve got a good thing going though.  And we’re building that new, big house for the littles to visit, remember?  So I guess it’s off to work for this grandma.

It’s coming along!

What about you?  Are you a full-time working grandma too?


6 thoughts on “Working Full-Time”

  1. Yes I am full time working. And I can’t make it to the afternoon girlfriend lunches, I just can’t and I’m ok with that. All my grandkids live close to me right now so I can see them on a weeknight or weekend, but I noticed as they get older and now they are all in school they have busy schedules. Too bad they can’t drop everything and hang out with Grandma. Working makes it possible for me to do the fun grandma stuff… Someday, I will have more time, less work? At least that’s what I tell myself.

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  2. I actually have all four of mine right now for an overnight. At 63, as much as I would die for each one of them, I would die if I had to watch them everyday. I just do not have the physical energy. I am pooped after 8 hours and so very exhausted after 36! We once had them for a full week and I honestly thought I was going to die, my body hurt so bad and my nerves were frazzled. I had to call my 86 year old mom to come over to help me. It is so hard to go from being all alone and in a quiet environment (I do have a hubs but he is gone 12 plus hours every day) to having four loud, rambunctious kids all wanting Grandma’s attention. Thank the Lord they all want to sleep with G’Pa so I get to at least get some rest at night while old G’Pa is a zombie in the morning!!!

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    1. Oh my. Thats a lot! They do wear us down quite quickly. At first I thought I had just forgotten how hard it was as a young mom but I’m realizing that I’m actually getting old and I’m not meant/built to “parent” littles anymore. I have sure read some funny blog/stories about us old ladies trying to tend to the littles like we’re 28 again. It’s not the same and is perhaps borderline dangerous for all involved!


  3. My mom grandma-s every Tuesday when she arrives here, takes my almost 11 year old to gymnastics class, and then stays for supper to connect with the rest of the family.

    During hockey season, she arrives at some rink about 2-4 timed a month to take in the 13yo’s hockey game and then treats him to whatever teenage boys eat after hockey. (Pizza mostly). 🙃

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