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Weight Loss and Age

At the end of August, we’re going hiking in Estes Park in Colorado.  Our athletic friends who are joining us said we’ll be going on a 7 mile (one way) hike.  Being concerned as one might be for the health and well-being of one’s spouse, I proposed a weight loss competition leading up to our hike.

YES!  We’re staying at the Stanley Hotel – but hopefully not in room 217!

My husband is always always always game for a competition (see image below) so he readily accepted the 6 week challenge.  The greater distance between the number on the scale at the beginning of the 6 weeks and the end of the 6 weeks will determine the winner.  The winner gets $150 shopping spree (which for me is ONE store – maybe TWO things). CAVEAT:  The loser has to accompany you on the shopping trip.

ME:   I run or bike most days – far – like 6+miles running/20+miles biking.  I don’t eat much junk food. Very little soda. Not a big fan of ice cream.  I’m not out of breath going up 2-3 flights of stairs.  I have a sit/stand desk at work and use it.  My breaks at work usually involve walking and reading while on the treadmill.

Thats me! I mean I’ve got room to lose – but not too bad for a grandma.

HIM:  Not a runner.  Does no physical activity other than being pulled behind our boat occasionally.  Loves junk food – especially potato chips.  Never passes on the ice cream.  Enjoys soda – lots of it.  Huffs and puffs after 1 flight.

That’s him.  He looks great! 

Two weeks into our or weight loss challenge, he’s working out pretty regularly via elliptical trainer and being more careful with the junk food.  I’m running more, sometimes twice a day.  Counting calories.  Salads for practically ever meal.

He complains to me “I’ve only lost 10 pounds and I’m working out ALL the time” (insert EYE ROLL here).  I check the scale.  1 pound.  ONE.  I’ve lost 1 pound.  S E R I O U S L Y??

So I decided to poll my Go Grandma Facebook followers.  They had a thing or two to say on the subject:

First, my solidarity comments:

Lori S.:  Story. Of. My. Life. “We’ll lose weight together; I’m with you on this!

  • What was I thinking, getting into a weight-loss competition – with a man?

Martha L.: The men diet by eating one dessert instead of two and lose 7 pounds.

  • Truth, sister!

Nancy J.: You don’t need to worry, you look great!

  • Ahhhh… thank you Nancy.  The scale says otherwise.

Kimberley F.: I can be so regimented and eat amazingly…workout kickboxing 3 times a week and I see no change. My spouse goes to the gym for 2 weeks harder than normal and he drops it like crazy. If I go any harder at the gym the only thing I will drop is dead. Weight loss after 50 sucks.

  • TRUTH!!  Living that right now.

Then the “what you need to do” comments:

Sherry K:  Is it time to hit the weights & find your measuring tape instead of the scale?

  • Yes – it might be.  Weights are my winter go-to.  Minnesota summer – I want to enjoy it outside – on a run.

Val O: I’ve released 49 lbs. Three words,..Daily Mindset Work. The other thing is, if we are burning more calories than were bringing in, our bodies go into starvation mode and wont release the fat. Drinking enough water is also a factor. It’s made all the difference.

  • “Released”, you say?  Release me from this 50+ year-old body. Water though – I do not drink enough water.

Pauling V.: Drink more water. Flush out that liver and release the fat!

  • More with the water!  I don’t have the time to pee all day.


Christopher P.:  You can NOT outrun a BAD DIET. Its NOT about the exercise, its ALL about what you eat

  • I love it when a man chimes in on my posts. And solid use of the UPPER CASE.  He has some great suggestions though.

Then came the weight loss program suggestions:

Allison B.:  The Whole 30 Program

  • It’s apparently awesome.  It will “change my life” – according to the website.

Christopher P.: My 100 Pound Weight Loss Journey

  • Well, thankfully I’m just hoping for 20 pounds, not 100.  So I better not do that one!

Then there’s all of the people who have a supplement that guarantees weight loss or will kick start your metabolism or give you more energy.

I’m over ALL OF IT.  Here’s the fact I’m going with.  I am a 50-year-old woman.  Losing weight like I’m 25 is not going to happen.  And AARP agrees:

5 KEY WAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT AFTER 50… As with crow’s-feet and varicose veins, you’re simply more susceptible to gaining weight once you hit the big 5-0. And it’s not your imagination: It also becomes increasingly more challenging to shed those pounds once they’ve settled around your hips.


There you have it.  AND Here are the 5 ways:

  • Pile on the protein
  • Join the resistance (strength training)
  • Get enough shut-eye
  • Try occasional fasting
  • Practice mindful eating

What I LOVE about all of these suggestions is that they are ALL sustainable.  They’re not fads, you can follow these suggestions forever.  No gimmick.  It’s about a lifestyle adjustment.

I will continue … we’ve got 2 weeks to go.  I’ve lost 3 pounds now.  I actually don’t really care too much.  I know I have a healthy heart and I have lost inches for sure.  He’s lost 15 pounds.  He needed to lose a lot more weight than I did and it is important for his heart – and for our clothing budget.  He needs his suits to fit.

Our WEIGH-IN is the same day we have tickets for the Minnesota State Fair.  That should be a very tasty celebration.


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss and Age”

  1. You both look great.

    I joined my husband in a weight loss competition last year at his work place. We each lost about 20 pounds simply by eating less and reducing carbs. I also convinced him to stop eating chips with his bag lunch and eat almonds instead.

    I’ve kept off my weight and have even lost a few more pounds. He, however, has regained nearly every pound. But I eat way more fruits and vegetables and also don’t have all the birthday treats that come into his workplace.

    One thing I’ve done that has really made a difference is lift weights. I love that my core is flatter.

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