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Seriously. Who Sped Up Time?

Since we’ve been married, we’ve lived about a decade in three cities.  My husband’s job has not taken us to exotic locations but across one country and into another.

The first decade – the baby decade – was spent in Edmonton, Canada.  Four of our boys were born there all at the same hospital.  I learned to be a mom there – from some amazing women.  It was home to West Edmonton Mall.  What’s not to like?  new-google-image-edmonton

The second decade – the young children decade was spent in London, Canada.  Yes indeed. There is a city in Canada called London.  I took my mothering job seriously and was so good at it.  I was the ultimate soccer mom.  Our youngest was born there – at home with a midwife.  Global_Twitter_Template_LondonOntario

The third decade – the teenage children decade – was spent in a small suburb of St. Paul Minnesota.  That is as exotic as we got.  I took everything I’d learned from Edmonton and London and tried to apply it to “St. Paul mom of teenagers” life.  It was hard.  It was busy. Still, I didn’t hate it.  My teenagers were busy and energetic and crazy.  I was crazy.  minnesota

I used that decade to not only take care of them but take care of me.  I went back to school.  Finished up my degree I’d put off for years.  Went from stay-at-home mom to working mom.  It was hard.

Slowly the kids started to graduate and move on to college.  Then weddings,  Then graduate school.  Some are still in college in some form.  I’m a navy mom now too. You already know I’m a grandma.

Our youngest graduated from high school a few weeks ago.  No fanfare.  No celebration. He graduated a semester early.  I’m going to be honest, he’s the least scholarly of our children (sorry honey – it’s no secret).  Still his brothers are baffled as to how he (of all of them) graduated early.   Apparently, it can be done.  When you really don’t like school – you can make it happen. You find ways.

Yet another picture of the “young prince”.  #sorrynotsorry I paid a lot of money for this photo shoot and he’s not even having a graduation party or anything where I can show them off. 

That baby is leaving in a few weeks to go away to work in Wyoming.  He’s going to college out of state in the fall.  He’s hoping he’ll be able to stand school again by then.

So here we are.  All of sudden the nest is empty.  What in the world?  10 seconds ago it was chaos with five children.

I’m kind of excited about it.  I know, I should be crying in a puddle of tears.  I’m not.  I’ve worked hard for this empty nest.  Am I a bad mom because I’m not sad they’re all grown and gone?  I miss them.  Oh, how I miss them.  But I’ve done a good job.  We’ve done a good job.  What’s there to be sad about?

I’m looking forward to the next decade.  We’ve got some exciting plans in the works.  I’ll blog about that.

Tell me about your empty nest.  How’s it going?  What do I need to know?

8 thoughts on “Seriously. Who Sped Up Time?”

  1. I’ll admit that when my youngest (my only son) left home, eventually ending up on the East Coast, I struggled. I never expected him to move that far from Minnesota. But he found a great fit in Tufts University and in greater Boston. Technology really helps in keeping connected. That said, it’s still not the same as having him here. On holidays, especially, I miss him and my other adult children who can’t always be here. I’ve adapted, one year volunteering to deliver Thanksgiving meals, for example. And I’ve come to realize that my children need to be where they are happiest.

    Good things about being an empty nester: Meals are not devoured in one sitting and we can go wherever we wish, when we wish without thinking about the kids.

    I pray daily for my children. And that is a tremendous help also.

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    1. You seem to stay very busy! The cooking has been a challenge. I’m used to cooking for a crowd. I think it’s good that we miss them. It means our relationships are strong. Prayers. So many.


  2. I agree about not being sad to see them go! My mum used to say to me about my eldest when he left for university – “Oh you must miss him!”. Well, yes and no! It was nice when he came home during the holidays but I didn’t mind when he’d gone again. Same with the other three. They are meant to fly the nest and make their own nests. I’m not one of those mums who could have my children still at home in their 20s or even 30s…..

    So enjoy your new found freedom!!!

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