Baby Stuff Round Two

Grandmas, do you remember when your youngest child no longer needed the high chair, booster seat, crib, car seat, baby monitor, change table, baby gate, high chair, sippee cups, swing, etc., etc., etc?   If you’re like me, it had been taking up space in your house for years and years.  In fact, by my calculations, we had an assortment of furniture and toys necessary for keeping young children safe AND entertained for perhaps 15 years of our 30 years of marriage.  29b6569ae31d8c5d9a799ad806d0b52b.jpg

When it came to time to get rid of it, did you have the discussion with your spouse like I did that went something like “do you think we should keep some of this stuff?  What about grandchildren?”   To which he just laughed and loaded it off to Goodwill (you could back then – they’d take all of it!).  I mean – our oldest 15 years ago was 14 so HEAVEN FORBID there would be a grandchild anytime soon.

Off it all went to make room for teenage type stuff – trophies, medals, report cards, sports equipment, bicycles, skate boards, back packs, video game systems, ping pong tables, etc., etc., etc.

No one told me that I’d need all of that baby stuff again.  Why didn’t someone tell me that?  Here were are.   Littles need to be entertained and kept safe in my house again.

CONFESSION:  I have accumulated a RIDICULOUS amount of baby stuff in round two!  What in the world happened?  I bought it once.  I happily got rid of it all. Then I bought it all back again.

This is not even 1/4 of the stuff I’ve accumulated – AGAIN

We are getting our house ready to sell – “downsizing”.  Except that I’ve upsized with so much baby stuff, I have no idea where to put it all now.  And who knows when I’ll ever get rid of it again?  I could be packing this stuff around for another 20 years.  I think I might have even more than the first time around.

Dear Target and Wal-Mart – you are missing a huge population of shoppers.  It’s the grandmas you should be talking to.  We’re the ones buying all of YOUR stuff AGAIN.  This time we hardly even care about the price – because nothing’s too good for our littles.

Grandmas – I’ve seen the set-up some of you have.  It’s a lot – and I admire that.  You are my role models.  I’m trying to be like you and my husband is not happy about it.  But still – the littles need to be happy when they’re visiting.  If they’re not happy, their momma’s not happy,  and then they won’t visit.  It’s that simple.

I love to FaceTime with my littles and show them the new stuff grandma bought so that they tell their parents they want to “go to grandma’s house”.   It’s ingenious.


How much baby stuff have you accumulated in ROUND TWO?


15 thoughts on “Baby Stuff Round Two”

  1. Do you really want to know? When I start Ed round 2 of collextuy toys our office was converted into a toy room. Now our basement has been finished my husband can have his office back (sort of—baby toys stays in there, they are too little to go downstairs.) now I have a whole family room downstairs to collect toys in. Until we downsize, i’ll deal with that later.

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  2. I’ve collected, then tossed, then collected again as interests and age move forward. If I may confess as well, as I discovered what the girls actually needed, used and played with I would “share” the things I didn’t need by taking them to mama’s house and incorporating them into her growing pile of stuff. Transfer of responsibility is what I like to call it… 🙂

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  3. All of that stuff we used with our kids (cribs, high chairs, etc.) is safety outdated compared to the equipment available out there today. So I don’t regret getting rid of my baby stuff. I kept some toys, though, and have picked up toys also at thrift stores and garage sales, keeping safety and condition in mind. And books, always books. My granddaughter knows exactly where to find those in a colorful basket I picked up at, yes, a yard sale. I am a thrifty grandma.

    My little lives only an hour away. So when she comes for an overnight or a day visit, her parents bring the basics like her kiddie strap-on chair, her pack-n-play, etc. It works. But I know the grandparents in California have had to invest in more equipment for those visits.

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    1. For some reason I kept the crib until about 5 years ago. Of course we could never use it! The books though – very true. I’ve kept so many books. Those are the best investment for many reasons. I love reading bedtime stories via FaceTime.


  4. So true – and the stuff we have bought for the grandkids is way nicer than the things we could afford when our own children were little. We did keep some toys and quite a few books which the new little ones love as much as their parents did

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