The Miracle of Love Runs Deep

I absolutely loved being a mom to bunch of little boys.  I didn’t work outside of the home when they were young so being a mom was My Job.  I read books about it and watched what other moms did.  We played a lot and we learned responsibility.   We did everything together.  lessons-from-ducks

Lately, I’ve found myself comparing mothering to grandmothering, and thinking about how they are different.  Being a mom has been a wonderful experience for me.  However I’ve even been known to (half)joke that I might just love my littles more than my own children.   I absolutely adore my children.  They are my life.  Still, I’ve been surprised at the depth of my love for my littles.

This week I asked Go Grandma followers what surprised them the most about becoming a grandma.  If you’re a grandma, then their answers probably won’t be a surprise to you.   Here’s what a few of them had to say:

Lorri S., CANADA:   Maybe I was surprised by how easy is was to be a granny….and to completely love that little human from the get go.

Pauline V., WI:  How easy it is to fall in love again – with every new little one.

Martha L., MN:  The incredible amount of love and joy you feel for each child–from the first and still continues. It is amazing.

Mary H., ID: It’s simply wonderful!

Mary H.: What a blessing each child is in their own special way.

Judy C., UT:  I’m 3 weeks into this new grandma life and I didn’t realize my heart was capable of loving my new grandson as much if not more than my own children. BEST CLUB EVER!!!!

I’m not sure why life was designed in such a way that at just about the time you’ve exhausted your parenting energy, you approach the grandmothering years.   It’s the best reward for years of worried late nights and parent teacher interviews.

Do you remember when you first held your newborn baby, you drew them close and smelled their sweet newborn smell?  Do you remember how you were instantly filled with complete love and compassion for that child – like you would absolutely lay down your life for that child — yet you’ve only known them for a moment?   Being a grandma is something like that only for me it’s more of a feeling of complete protection.  I don’t wish to parent the littles at all.  I just want to be in their presence and just watch.  I could watch All.Day.Long.  Literally, everything they do is a pleasure to observe.C715429B-9A63-494C-B7A2-3CFED0E53AEBI’ve learned that love changes and becomes deeper as our roles expand and change.  The love grows from one of depth and begins to include a love of breadth.  It’s an intangible thing.  It’s especially intangible when you add the love my child has for his own children now.  It’s really the best miracle of love.

What surprised YOU about becoming a grandma?


6 thoughts on “The Miracle of Love Runs Deep”

  1. My wife is a grandmother for the first time. It’s amazing how her face lights up when she sees her grandchild. I asked her why she loves the baby so much (I do to). She said, “My children are all grown, I can’t have children any more, and it must be a woman thing, but I just love her more than anything in the world.”


  2. I watch what my two granddaughters, one from each of my two daughters, aged 21 months and 8 months, do and say and am amazed at how they have learnt these things! Maybe as a grandma I have more time to notice than I did with my own children. Surely they must be the cleverest and funniest little girls in the world?!!!!!

    I think I have been surprised, too, at just how special these two little people are to me.


  3. I’m surprised by how much I miss my granddaughter, even after I’ve just seen her. I’m surprised how in awe I am of every skill she masters. I’ve seen it all before in my own three children. But this time around, as a grandma, it’s different. I delight in every word she learns to say, every sweet action and, just Monday, the first kisses she gave me after recently learning to kiss. Her mama says her daughter loves the smooching sound. I’m surprised, too, by how much I love watching my daughter as a mother.

    This being a grandma is the BEST THING EVER!


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