Avoiding the Rocking Chair

Last week I went to visit the grandchildren in Ohio.  It was a such a wonderful visit filled with walks and PlayDoh and bubbles, along with a little road trip.   I also had my 51st birthday.   Now I’m not saying that I’m old, however I did feel a little old while I was there.  I was still recovering from a bad fall I took while running (I fall a lot) and I also spent a lot of time getting in and out of the back seat of their minivan.  Rocking Grandma

It got me thinking about aging – physically, so I thought I’d ask our Go Grandmas what they’re doing to avoid that rocking chair.  Here are a few of their tips:

Andrea G. (Minnesota): I walk every day in the summer but I’ll need to find indoor exercise before seasons change.

Valora O. (Minnesota): I walk 2 miles a day plus I lift feed bags!

Susan M.:  Stretch, stretch, stretch – and do some form of exercise at least 3X a week. I dance and do isometric exercises and calisthenics and then always stretch afterward.

Sherry K. (Canada): Yoga! I recommend starting in a small hatha yoga class with a mature instructor that is well-versed in accommodations for injuries, who can help you avoid incorrect/bad positioning.   Youtube Fightermaster Yoga


I think they’re all on to something – walking and yoga/stretching seem to be the key.  I do my share of walking/running but I struggle with yoga.   When you’re used to arriving at a destination while running, it becomes difficult to calm your mind and body enough to enjoy the benefits of yoga.  Laura Devine at Real Fit Workout Studio got me started with a few yoga classes and I’ve try to continue it on my own.  I’m definitely a believer, just not committed … at least until now!

I found this great article titled Health Aging into your 80’s and Beyond on the Consumer Reports website.  It lists “5 Keys to a Long and Healthful Life”.

The first key is Manage Your Health.   Ok – busted.  I have high blood pressure that is unmanaged.  I just keep calling it chronic high blood pressure or sometimes I call it “white coat syndrome” .  I should probably “manage that.

The next key is “Keeping Your Body Strong“.  I like this quote:

“Here’s a quick test to find out whether your fitness has deteriorated to a point that puts you at risk: Time how long it takes you to get out of an armchair, walk 10 feet, walk back, and sit down again. A healthy adult older than 60 should be able to do it in 10 seconds or less.”

Score!  I can do that in well under 10 seconds.  It then goes on to list a few things you can do to help:

  • Do 150 minutes of cardio every week
  • Add strength training
  • Keep your balance
  • Stay flexible

Well – I’ve got the cardio down no problem – but I don’t lift weights, I have poor balance (proven by my many falls) and I can barely touch my toes.  Check out the link above to find out what the rest of the KEYS are.

Grandmas – I’ve got some work to do.  How about you?

6 thoughts on “Avoiding the Rocking Chair”

  1. I loved your article. Thanks for the ideas! I’ve been toying with the idea of joining a yoga class but have been dragging my heels. Maybe it’s time to explore this! I’m concerned about flexibility. I’m cautious about balance now after several Falls since my stroke period when you talked about your blood pressure girl! That should be a number one priority big time. Unchecked blood pressure can cause kidney failure and strokes. I’m glad you’re recognizing this. You are high blood pressure might be causing the falls ask your doctor I’m so happy you got to go see your grandbabies what a joy that must have been!


  2. You are a really young grandma. I have 10 years on you.

    Right now I am doing lots of exercises to rebuild strength in my shoulder/arm after breaking it nine weeks ago. That involves lots of stretching.

    I don’t like to exercise otherwise. I try to eat healthy and maintain a good weight. The blood pressure was good up until my bone break. It’s not considered high for the normal population, but for me. The pain is causing the increase.

    Be careful with all those falls. I wouldn’t want you to break a bone like I did. At our age, recovery takes a long time. I am nine weeks into recovery and have a lot more physical therapy to complete.

    I’m glad you had that sweet grandma time.


    1. I fall a lot but this last fall really got me worried – both about why I fall and the increasing possibility of breaking a bone. I do need to investigate that before I’m FORCED to investigate it!


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