“Call Me, Grandma” or “Call Me Grandma”

Commas are important – but I like that title with and without the comma.

Keeping in touch with the littles can be a challenge for Grandmas.  FaceTime is a lifesaver for this grandma.  We FaceTime with our grandson almost every day. However, now that he’s getting a bit older, he wants to hold the phone.  So from our end it looks like this:



Bless his little heart … but it’s kind of hard to see his cute face.  If his parents hold the phone for him, then there’s a lot of crying.  The other day he almost dropped the phone in the bathtub as he was trying to show us his little brother having a bath. Oh boy!  But we’ll take what we can get.   It’s still the best to hear him scream “GAMMA” when he sees me on FaceTime or “PAPA” when he sees grandpa across the room. Totally worth the next 20 minutes of blurry FaceTime and pitter patter of little feet running across the floor as he gives us yet one more tour of his new bedroom.

Tell me your tips, tricks and adventures for keeping in touch with your littles.

Ruthanne (Minnesota):  We use Marco Polo to keep in touch with our grandchildren.  It’s an app that you download to your phone.  We can record a short video and send it to them.  Then they reply to that video with their own.  It’s a fun way to keep in touch with busy little families that can’t always stop what they’re doing to FaceTime.

LOVE.IT.  What a great idea.  Ruthanne actually showed me one of her video clips with her granddaughter .  It was awesome.  I’m downloading that app right now.

Also – there’s a great comment from a blog follower below. She uses Google Hangouts.  I need to check that one out too.  I thought I was pretty tech-savvy.  I guess I’ve got some work to do!!

2 thoughts on ““Call Me, Grandma” or “Call Me Grandma””

    1. Google Hang-Outs. I’ve heard of it but I’m not sure what it is. I’ll check it out – thanks!! My littles are 2 and 7 months. They are about 12 hours away in Ohio 😦


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