On Vacation with Grandma

Have you vacationed much with your grandchildren?  We’ve done it and it’s pretty awesome.  However – I could use your tips and advice on these adventures!   Here are a few of my insights into the topic:

First of all, the only way the grandchildren will be able to go on vacation is if grandma (and grandpa) pay, right?  Grandma is pretty much paying for the majority of the vacation – travel, accommodation, food, and entertainment.  Still, it’s worth every penny.

Secondly, I’ve made the mistake of having a grand plan of how much fun we’ll have only to realize that I’ve forgotten that little children like the simple things in life. For instance, this winter we took the littles and their mom on a quick weekend vacation to Florida. We spent a day at Universal Studios – which I thought would be the HIGHLIGHT of the weekend!  WRONG. The littles were like … “meh – this is okay – but I’m sleeping through it all“.  HOWEVER – the loosely planned afternoon at the beach on the way to the airport – was THE. BEST. AFTERNOON. of the entire weekend!!  IMG_7450.jpg

Thirdly, I just really got the sense that although the littles’ mom was enjoying herself, it was a ton of work to be on vacation with someone else and still try to manage her littles.    They didn’t sleep well, they didn’t eat well. It was really not much of a vacation for her.  As much as I enjoyed every minute of it, it’s good to take a step back and remember how much work a vacation is for the mom of your littles. We’ve all be there – it’s exhausting! Thank you to all the moms out there for letting grandmas make memories with your children.

What are your tips, advice and adventures On Vacationing with Grandma?

Martha L. (Minnesota)  Just took our 5 kids, spouses, and 11 grandchildren ranging ages of 8-1 (and 2 pregnant daughters) to Wisconsin Dells Holiday Shores Resort. We chose the place because:

  1. Variety of things to do
  2. Families could have their own cabin/space.
  3. Kitchens in cabins so families can feed kids what and when they like.
  4. Price was right as we were funding this gathering

I had crafts planned for down time/waiting for dinner to be prepared. They were a hit.   We had dinner together with each family cooking food they planned (I bought the food!). The families ended up taking turns with lunches as well. Grandpa and I opted out on the Mac and Cheese and corn dog cuisine (check the links for some Canadian info on that food!).   We had a wonderful time. We may be back.

Sounds like a well thought-out plan made all the difference.   I want to hear about those crafts sometime!

Lorri S. (Alberta, Canada) We are in the middle of a long weekend away with our son and his family. The smartest thing when vacationing with the littles is to give them their own space (our gift, of course). Granny and Papa sleep well and the other little family has so much fun jumping on the beds in the swanky hotel.

Here they are after a good night’s sleep.

You and Martha have both learned some valuable lessons in giving your grown-up children space so they can mange their children.  Everyone wins in the end!  Thanks Lorri – great advice – now go enjoy that swanky hotel!

Andrea G (Minnesota) I have 6 grandkids ages 10,8,6,4 and 1. So far all my grandkids live locally and I see them often. It’s a big blessing for all of us to be so involved with the grandkids. So far I haven’t experienced any teary goodbyes.

YAY!  I’m glad to hear that Andrea!  It is so nice to have them close by for sure.

4 thoughts on “On Vacation with Grandma”

  1. Thanks Martha! I agree – it is so much work for Grandma. Thankfully Grandmas can usually go and take a break when they want – with a little “trip to the store – alone”.


  2. Whatever money you have to pay to get your grandkids on vacation . . . worth it. We live near Disneyland and regularly fly down our one granddaughter (and her parents) for a long Disney weekend. The best thing for me is getting to experience the new and different and exciting with your grandkids. Seeing their joy is priceless. Juliette’s favorite thing about her first trip to Disneyland was the horse ride down main street. Followed closely by the duck family we found in Adventureland. Then as she got a little older, seeing Mickey Mouse was like the highlight of the day!! She was enthralled and delighted, which is the best payback any grandma can have. We were blessed to also have taken a Disney Cruise with my family and 2 of our kids. Some hints for dinner time were bringing small gifts that I had gotten beforehand for her to unwrap and play with at dinner while waiting. We gave her a tiny Ariel doll, some new Minnie colorbooks and crayons, some stickers, and a dress to wear on the excursion. She was distracted with opening a gift and of course Grandma is the hero!! Any chance for Grandma to be the hero. My kids loved having breaks as my husband and I spent time with her in the splashpad and finding the characters. I can’t wait to vacation again with her!!


    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Great idea – bringing little gifts to dinner on the cruise. That way the grownups can enjoy as well. Can you fly our grandchildren and us down for a Disney long weekend too?


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