Teary Goodbyes

Two weeks ago, I took my daughter-in-law and grandsons to the airport to say goodbye. They were moving to Ohio – from Minnesota where I live.  It was pretty much the saddest day I’ve had in a very long time.  I cried big, ugly tears. Sobbed – right there at the gate. Everyone around me stared like I was some crazy woman.  I wasn’t even embarrassed – I knew there was a grandma somewhere in that crowd that knew exactly how I was feeling.


Here’s how some of our readers are coping with Teary Goodbyes:

Sherry K. (Alberta, Canada) –  “I try to make goodbyes about celebrating the great moments we have had together and not about me missing them. I have found there is never enough time with my grandbabies, but I try to focus on having gratitude and not a time deficit.   If I have cuddled them, read stories together, played with them directing the playing, sung songs and laughed, I trust that those connections will be enough.”

Thanks Sherry!  Sherry and I go waaaaaaayyyy back to our very first babies when we were neighbors and both brand new moms.  Now she has 3 grands and one more on the way!  I’m not surprised that she has such a positive attitude toward Teary Goodbyes.

Valora O. (Minnesota) – “Since all 9 of ours live in the area now, the teary goodbyes are our babies not wanting to go home after so much fun at the farm lol! Reassuring them that they can come back takes some extra hugs and kisses. But its, well worth the time. I’m grateful they don’t live so far away anymore.”

Thanks Val!  I sure do believe those sweet “grand blessings” (as she loves to call them) are sad to leave her farm.  Val was one of my first friends in Minnesota so we go waaaaayyyy back as well.  Our children were/are very similar ages and their family was so kind and welcoming to ours when we moved here.

Martha L. (Minnesota) Goodbyes are especially hard when I don’t know when I will see them next. One idea I did for a while was make special bags for them to open in the car or plane. It would have things like coloring, a snack, sometimes a DVD, a book, etc. The kids loved them. I did it until they started asking for them the day they arrived–lost the joy. Now I only make them occasionally.

Thanks Martha!  What a fun Grandma idea!  Martha is my role model grandma and is winning the grandchildren count by quite a few!!

3 thoughts on “Teary Goodbyes”

  1. Saying goodbye to your grandkids is cruel and unusual punishment. I always pack treats to make their trip home easier and make them take a solemn vow to facetime often! The best remedy for saying goodbye is to plan the next getting together time! I love your thoughts and reading the tips! Keep the posts coming!!


    1. True – I always like to have the next visit in the works before I leave them – so there’s something to look forward to. Stay tuned – the “FACETIME” post is in draft mode as we speak.


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